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Fly, Fly Again is a clever and charming story about Jenny, a child who dreams of flying. After years of tinkering in makeshift laboratories and studying the mechanics of flight with her friend Hawk, Jenny builds a plane--only to crash into the yard of her skateboarding neighbor, Jude, and his friend Cheetah. Working with Jude, Jenny successfully learns how to control and fly her plane. This unique story includes lessons about problem solving, teamwork, and determination as well as family-friendly information about the basics of aeronautical engineering like lift, drift, and more!

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January 11th

New York, NY

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February 1st

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February 22nd

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Augmented Reality Experience

The visual storytelling in Liftoff Learning Studios’ Fly, Fly Again is enhanced by fun, entertaining 3D artwork viewable through Augmented Reality that brings the book's illustrations come to life as you and your child read along! To learn more visit our AR instructional page here.

About Us


Katie Jaffe

As Creative Director and Design Consultant of Aviation for Spectre Air Capital, Katie has aided in the design of several high-profile aircraft. Currently, she is leading the marketing and design efforts of an overseas airline. She also has a passion for children's causes, and has committed herself to helping several charities for children around the world. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and three children.


Jennifer Lawson

Lifelong educator and advocate of the Children's Literacy Program, Jennifer seeks to bring knowledge to students through creative curriculum and technology on a global level. As Owner and President of Decision Tree Technologies, she is currently endeavoring to teach using technologically advanced solutions that excite today's students. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her family.